One-Year Huntin' Fool Membership

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Get ready to Elevate Your HuntTM by signing up for a Huntin’ Fool membership and becoming the best hunter you can be. Since 1995, we have been committed to helping our community of hunters acquire the best tags in the United States, equipping you with the best gear and resources possible, ensuring you are fully prepared to have a successful hunt.

Membership allows you access to countless Huntin’ Fool services and resources, including:

  • Professional Hunt Advisors who offer on-demand consulting for hunt planning, outfitter selection, outdoor gear research, application strategies, and more
  • A 130+ page monthly magazine filled with biological and statistical research, exclusive hunting stories, gear research, product reviews, and a host of other outdoor content
  • The Member Draw Database, which connects you with other members who have previous experience on the same hunt you drew a tag for
  • Semi-annual Membership Drives wherein you could win coveted hunts from the best outfitters in North America
  • Endorsed Outfitters recommended to you by our Outfitter Specialist
  • The Members-Only Forum where you can connect with our PHAs and other Huntin’ Fool members

Pricing and online signup is for U.S. residents only. For out-of-country pricing and signups, please call us at 435-865-1020.