Gold Prize: West Texas Private Ranch Aoudad Hunt

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Join Chris Guikema, owner of Compass West Outfitters, on his 65,000-acre remote ranch in west Texas where you will enjoy a true mountain hunt. Based from a modest ranch house and spike camps, you will be in pursuit of one of America’s finest free-range animals, the Aoudad or Barbary sheep. Limited to only six ram hunters per year to ensure the very best in quality age management, you will hunt for the most mature or largest animals you can find together. A lot of glassing and cautious stalks will fill your days on this world-class hunt! The winner of this hunt will be able to pick any seven days between November 2020-March 2021 to find a trophy ram.

Weapon: Any Weapon Dates: Winter 2020/2021 Physical Level: Moderate Value: $6,500

Winner is responsible for travel to west Texas, license fees, and gratuities.

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